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Since 1993, Decon has developed, manufactured, and marketed Polyester Chips for Textile Industry and other fields. Over a period of decades, we have become the pioneer of PET Polymer with toll-manufacturing, technical laboratory, and customer-oriented service. We can customize the specialty PET chips according to customers’ requirements. Our chemical is compliant with established global standards like OEKO-TEX and others. Till now, Hubei Decon has established an extensive agent and distributor network facilitating supply and service to our customers across the world.

Our Company

By integrating the power of “Time” & “Focusing”, Decon is aspired to become a leading Specialty Polyester solution expert.
At Decon, you will enjoy premium quality from “a big brand factory” and exceptional service from “a professional trading company”. 

Decon Company


Find out polyester issue terminator and polymer solution provider

When it comes to details negotiation, you have a choice.

A choice between stubborn company rules or flexible customer preferences.

Our approach is a flexible one.

Many years’ manufacturing experience could guarantee the quality and an independent overseas market department could assure the service.

Based on the same quality, competitive price and customer-oriented service will be a more attractive option for you.

That is the Value Proposition of Decon.

* Customizing the product for you

* Improving the recipe for you

* Providing the flexible and professional service for you


Decon has been the Leading Polyester Manufacturer for more than 20 years, making it the most trusted corporation in the field.

Dhananjay-Technical Manager

I know Decon from my friend. Their professional service convinces him. Now I am also enjoying working with them.

Dhananjay Shelke, Technical Manager

Though we never meet each other, I trust them very much. I can fully rely on them.

Mohammad Tahir Zaman, Owner

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