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Monthly Archives: January 2016


What is the Objective of Warp Sizing?

What is the objective of warp sizing? The ultimate goal of sizing is a better sizing beam, fewer weaving defects, lower number of ends, higher weaving efficiency. More detailed requirements are as followed. "a slurry with adhesive material as the main body is applied to the warp yarn, which acts

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What are the Reasons for Uneven Sizing?

Uneven sizing is just one common quality issue during the sizing process. We can not say there is not any quality problem if you use our polyester resin. The sizing process is completed and related to the equipment, weather, and methods the workers use. We think the most terrible thing is not the quality issues

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Recycled Polyester Chip

What is the Recycled Polyester Chip(RPET)? It is the abbreviation of recycled polyethylene terephthalate and is made from post-consumer bottles. Recycled polyester chip can make into yarn, which can be finally used for weaving, tricot, and knitting, etc. What is Production Process? There are two main ways to produce the recycled polyester chips. One is

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The Development Trend of Filament Differentiation

From the perspective of China's polyester filament yarn development, it developed from conventional spinning to high-speed spinning, which started from chip spinning. As the stable development of PET melts spinning polyester filament and rapidly increased numbers of chip spinning manufacturers, the profit of regular chip spinning filaments is going down sharply. Therefore, the chip

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What is Differentiation of Polyester Filament?

Because of its high strength, good elasticity, good heat resistance and chemical resistance, good fabric dimensional stability, and washability, the filament has covered the disadvantage of natural fiber. And it has been the main textile raw material Since the realization of industrial production. But it also has disadvantages of poor hygroscopicity, accumulating static electricity

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What is Polyester Filament?

1. What is Textile Fiber? Textile Fiber includes natural fibers and chemical fibers. Among them, chemical fiber is made from chemical treatment and physical processing of the natural or synthetic polymer. According to the difference between raw materials, it can be divided into man-made fiber and synthetic fiber. Man-made fibers adopt some natural polymer

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