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Monthly Archives: August 2021


Physical Properties of Polyester Chips

The physical properties of polyester chips are closely related to their quality. Except for intrinsic viscosity (IV), what are other important physical properties of polyester chips? Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Generally speaking, the IV for textile-grade PET chips is 0.645. The viscosity is used to characterize the molecular weight of the polymer in industry. IV measurement

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Low Melt Polyester for Bi-component Fiber

Low Melt Polyester for Bi-component Fiber This paper focuses on Low Melt Polyester for single-component or bi-component low-melting polyester, which can be used for bonding fibers. But comparatively speaking, two-component fibers are more economical in low-melting polyester dosage. And the core layer is the main fiber composition, more conducive to maintaining the mechanical properties of

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