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Monthly Archives: September 2021


Recycled Cationic Dyeable Chip

Recycled Cationic Dyeable Chip is called Eco-friendly polymer. By adopting a unique production process, Recycled Cationic Dyeable Chip is made from recycled bottle flakes. These flakes are made into recycled PTA. And PTA and MEG have transesterification and polymerization reaction. During the process, the SO3NA group is added to the macromolecule chain. Then we get recycled cationic dyeable polymer

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Desizing Methods

Desizing methods include enzymatic desizing, oxidative desizing, acid steeping, rot steeping (use of bacteria), alkali desizing (with hot caustic soda treatment), hot washing with detergents. Why need sizing and desizing? The sizing process is carried out before weaving to increase the abrasion resistance, smoothness, and antistatic properties of warp yarn. Nowadays, warp yarn sizing is

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