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Monthly Archives: November 2021


Easy Disperse Dyeable Polyester Chip

Easy Disperse Dyeable Polyester Chip for Disperse Dyed Fiber Spinning New Easy Disperse Dyed PET Chip for Yarn Production Description Easy Disperse Dyeable Polyester Chip (EDDP) is one modified polymer, which can be dyed by dispersing dye under atmospheric pressure. It is made from terephthalic acid (PTA), ethylene glycol (EG), isophthalic acid (IPA), and polyethylene glycol (PEG).

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Fabric Finishing Process

The fabric finishing process refers to the treatment to improve the appearance and feel, enhance the performance or give special function. To be more specific, it is a technical treatment method that gives fabrics color effects, morphological effects (bright and clean, suede, crisp, etc.), and actual effects (impermeable, non-felting, non-ironing, non-moth, flame resistance, etc.). Finishing

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Compound Sizing Chemical

Compound Sizing Chemical for Spun and Blends Yarn in Textile Preparation One-Shot Sizing Chemical / Single Shot Sizing Agent for Weaving Preparatory Description Compound Sizing Chemical is also called one or single-shot sizing agent. It is used for spun yarn or blended yarn sizing during textile preparation. Compound sizing chemical is a mixture of Polyvinyl

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High Shrinkage Polyester Chip

Semi-dull Bright High Shrinkage Polyester Chip HSPET for High Shrink Fiber Precrystallized High Contraction Polyester Granular for Filament Yarn Spinning Description: High Shrinkage Polyester Chip (HSPET) is one modified or specialty polymer with a high shrinkage rate. It is obtained by adding a third or fourth monomer during the polymerization process. And we can provide

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Microfiber is also called fine-denier fibers or ultra-fine fiber. Generally, it refers to fiber with a fineness of 0.3 deniers (5 microns in diameter) or less. Its fineness is 1/200 of human hair and 1/20 of ordinary chemical fiber. Its strength is 5 times of ordinary fiber (durability). And its absorption capacity, water absorption speed,

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Application of Isophthalic Acid

The application of isophthalic acid is very wide. It can be used to produce coatings, polyester resins, unsaturated polyester resins, special fibers, hot melt adhesives, printing inks, polyester fiber dyeing modifiers, and resin plasticizers. More information about the application of isophthalic acid is as followed. Introduction of Isophthalic Acid (IPA)? Isophthalic acid (IPA) is also

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High Viscosity Polyester Chip

Textile-grade High Viscosity Polyester Chip for Filament Spinning Full-dull Semi-dull or Bright High IV Polymer for High Strength Yarn Production Description: High viscosity polyester chip is one specialty polymer with high intrinsic viscosity. IV is an important performance index of polyester chips. And it is the basis for measuring the average molecular weight of the

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