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Monthly Archives: March 2023


Physical Properties of Film-grade PET Chips

Physical properties of film-grade PET chips mainly include intrinsic viscosity (IV), melting point, crystallization performance and transformation temperature, b-value, DEG content, and the terminal carboxyl group (-COOH) content, etc. Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Among them, IV mainly affects the strength of the film. When the viscosity reaches a certain value, the strength no longer increases. Generally, the

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Water-dispersible Polyester Resin

Water-dispersible polyester resin is soluble in water, making it an ideal choice for water-based coatings, adhesives, and paints. This article will focus on the properties and applications. Properties of Water Dispersible Polyester Resin Water-dispersible polyester resin is a thermoplastic polymer that is the polymerization reaction of PTA and EG. The resulting polymer has a linear

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