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Monthly Archives: June 2023


Barium Sulfate Polyester Chip

Barium Sulfate Polymer for X-ray Shielding BOPET Film Semi-dull Barium Sulfate Polyester Chip The Barium Sulfate Polyester Chip is a masterbatch product that incorporates barium sulfate powder into a polyester matrix. Barium sulfate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula BaSO4, known for its high density, chemical stability, and low solubility in water. Polyester,

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Chemical Fibers

Chemical fibers are made from natural or synthetic polymers as raw materials, and processed through chemical methods and mechanical processing. 1. Classification by Raw material Source Chemical fibers can be divided into two major categories: regenerated fibers and synthetic fibers. Regenerated fibers, also known as man-made fibers, are fibers made from natural polymers or fiber

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Aerogel Fiber

Aerogel fiber is a new type of functional clothing fiber with excellent thermal insulation, moisture absorption, and breathability. As the name suggests, aerogel fiber refers to textile fibers made from aerogels. As we all know, a gel is an elastic solid formed by colloidal particles in a sol or solution forming a spatial network structure

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Aerogel Polyester Chip

Aerogel Polyester Polymer Thermal Fiber Insulation fabric Ultra-Light Ultra-Warm Aerogel Fiber and Yarn An aerogel polyester chip is a functional textile material created by combining aerogel with traditional polyester base materials. Aerogels are highly porous, lightweight materials composed of more than 90% air, which gives them remarkable thermal insulation, moisture absorption, and breathability properties. By incorporating

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