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Monthly Archives: July 2023


Polyester Film

Description Polyester (PET) film is made primarily from PET chips and processed through drying, melting, extrusion, casting, and stretching. This Polyethylene Terephthalate film has good transparency, glossiness, air tightness, moisture resistance, and excellent mechanical properties. Polyester film is widely used in industries such as LCD displays, medical packaging, electrical products, and new energy. Classification Based

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Top Ten PET Film Manufacturers In China

Top ten PET film manufacturers in China are Hengli Group, Jiangsu Yuxing Film Technology, Hefei Lekai Technology Industry, Sichuan Dongcai Technology Group, Ningbo Changyang Technology, Jiangsu Shuangxing Color Plastic New Materials, Guangdong Xinrui New Materials Technology, Aerospace Rainbow UAV, Sanfangxiang Group and Fujian Baihong High-Tech Materials Industrial. Hengli Group It was founded in 1994 and

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