Aerogel Polyester Polymer Thermal Fiber Insulation fabric

Ultra-Light Ultra-Warm Aerogel Fiber and Yarn

An aerogel polyester chip is a functional textile material created by combining aerogel with traditional polyester base materials. Aerogels are highly porous, lightweight materials composed of more than 90% air, which gives them remarkable thermal insulation, moisture absorption, and breathability properties. By incorporating aerogel into polyester, manufacturers can create a high-performance textile material that is both lightweight and warm.

The production of aerogel polyester chips involves a two-step process. First, aerogel particles are combined with polyester resin to create a composite material. This composite is then processed into small chips, which can be further processed through a spinning technique to produce aerogel-enhanced polyester fibers. These fibers can be woven or knitted into various textile products, offering improved thermal insulation, moisture absorption, and breathability compared to traditional polyester materials.
Aerogel Fiber or yarn production flow

Aerogel Fiber or yarn production flow

Aerogel Textile has the following advantages.
Efficient Insulation And Lightweight
According to the comparative analysis of aerogel fabrics and hollow fabrics, the thermal resistance of aerogel fabrics exceeds that of hollow fiber fabrics by 18%, and its thermal conductivity is lower than that of hollow fabrics by 25%. Under the same weight, aerogel fabrics are thinner than hollow fabrics and have better insulation performance.
Good Insulation Effect
Aerogel insulation cotton is made by unique processing technology, which processes aerogel staple fibers into insulation cotton with the thermal insulation characteristics of aerogel. It can be directly filled in military uniforms, warm jackets, windbreakers, quilts, pillows, and other products, and can achieve a better insulation effect. This material not only improves aerogel’s mechanical properties but also gives the fibers more excellent thermal insulation properties.


1 Intrinsic Viscosity

(60:40, Phenol: TCE @25℃)

dl/g 0.715
2 Color Value b 2.5
L 81.62
3 Melting Point 260
4 End Carboxyl mol/t 15.7
5 DEG Content t% 2.21
6 Moisture Content % 0.20
Applications of Aerogel Polyester Chips
  1. Outdoor Clothing: Aerogel polyester chips can be used to create high-performance outdoor clothing, such as cold-proof jackets, sportswear, and thermal underwear. Their excellent thermal insulation properties ensure that the wearer stays warm in extreme temperatures, while their breathability and moisture absorption capabilities provide comfort during physical activities.
  2. Home Textiles: Aerogel polyester chips can be incorporated into home textiles, such as blankets, pillows, and insulation materials. Their superior thermal insulation properties help maintain a comfortable temperature in the home, while their moisture absorption capabilities ensure a dry and cozy environment.
  3. Protective Gear: Aerogel polyester chips can be used to create protective gear, such as bulletproof vests, knee pads, and sports equipment. Their lightweight and insulating properties make them ideal for providing protection without adding unnecessary bulk.
  4. Automotive and Aerospace Industries: The lightweight and insulating properties of aerogel polyester chips make them suitable for use in automotive and aerospace applications, such as insulation for vehicle interiors and components of aircraft and spacecraft.

Application of Aerogel Polyester Chip