Alkali-soluble Polyester Chips for Sea-island Cotton Fiber

Alkaline Easy Soluble Saturated Polymer for Island-in-a-sea Cotton

Description: Alkali Soluble Polyester Chip is mainly used as the sea component of sea-island yarn. The alkali reduction processing dissolves the sea part and leaves only the island part. The separation of sea-island components is based on the different degrees of polymer dissolution in alkali solution. The conjugation with high contraction yarns generates excellent suede effects and resulting nanofibers have a large surface area, high absorption, and good distribution and filtration effects.
Alkali soluble polyester chip is mainly used for the production of microfiber sea-island POY and FDY, sea-island staple fiber. And the application of sea-island fiber is fashion fabric, artificial leather, high-performance wipes.

Parameters Table:

No. Property Unit Technical Data
CO-060 CO-050
1 Intrinsic Viscosity (I.V) dl/g M0 ± 0.015 M0 ± 0.020
2 Melting Point ≥244 ≥242
3 Carboxyl End Groups (COOH) mol/t ≤15 ≤20
4 Color Value L ≥73 ≥65
B M1 ± 2 M1 ± 3
5 Diethylene Glycol (DEG) % ≤3 ≤3.5
6 Solubility % M2 ± 5 M2 ± 10
M0 is the central value for IV. It should be M0=0.710, when there is no special requirement.
M1 is the central value for color B. It should be M1=7, when there is no special requirement.
M2 is the central value for solubility. It should be M2=65, when there is no special requirement.

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