Alkali-soluble Polyester Chips for Sea-island Fiber Spinning

Alkaline Easy Soluble Polymer (COPET) for Porous Polyester

Description: Alkali Soluble Polyester Chip is mainly used as the sea component of sea-island yarn. The alkali reduction processing dissolves the sea part and leaves only the island. The separation of sea-island components is based on the different degrees of polymer dissolution in an alkali solution. The conjugation with high contraction yarns generates excellent suede effects and the resulting nanofibers have a large surface area, high absorption, and good distribution and filtration effects.
Alkali soluble polyester chip is mainly used to produce microfiber sea-island POY and FDY, sea-island staple fiber. And the application of sea-island fiber is fashion fabric, artificial leather, and high-performance wipes.
Sea-island Fiber
Alkali Soluble Polyester Chip (COPET) can also be used for porous polyester yarn spinning. The bicomponent spinning equipment should be installed in the plant. The proportion of PET and COPET should be 70/30 or 80/20. For more information, please check the attached file.COPET Spinning Process.

Parameters Table:

No. Property Unit Technical Data
CO-060 CO-050
1 Intrinsic Viscosity (I.V) dl/g M0 ± 0.015 M0 ± 0.020
2 Melting Point ≥244 ≥242
3 Carboxyl End Groups (COOH) mol/t ≤15 ≤20
4 Color Value L ≥73 ≥65
B M1 ± 2 M1 ± 3
5 Diethylene Glycol (DEG) % ≤3 ≤3.5
6 Solubility % M2 ± 5 M2 ± 10
M0 is the central value for IV. It should be M0=0.710, when there is no special requirement.
M1 is the central value for color B. It should be M1=7, when there is no special requirement.
M2 is the central value for solubility. It should be M2=65, when there is no special requirement.

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