Recently, the titanium-based catalyst polyester chips are independently developed by the R&D Center of Hubei Decon Polyester Co., Ltd. The products are successfully trial-produced on a 2,000-ton/year continuous plant.
Decon owns completely independent intellectual property rights of antimony-free environmentally friendly polyester chips. This is the first successful development of filament-grade antimony-free environmental-friendly polyester chip.

“Innovation is the first driving force to lead development. In order to conform to the country’s development concept of establishing green production and consumption development plans, Decon R&D Center has listed environmental-friendly antimony-free polyester as a key R&D project.”

antimony-free PET chip and yarn

By using a titanium-based catalyst and a composite catalytic system with a new coordination chemical structure, Decon has finally achieved a stable and controllable production process after more than two years of repeated small and pilot tests. All indicators of the product meet the requirements of the national standard and corporate standard of polyester chips and have the conditions for industrialized continuous production.
As a new type of environmental-friendly fiber-grade polyester product, many downstream users have shown a very strong interest in this product.
The antimony catalysts commonly used in traditional polyester production have many disadvantages:

  • In the polyester polycondensation reaction, the antimony catalyst will be partially reduced to gray.
  • When the synthetic polyester is under the process of spinning, the reduction and accumulation of heavy metals will increase the pressure of the spinning assembly.
  • The heavy metal antimony has a certain degree of toxicity. It not only precipitates during the PET dyeing process and causes environmental pollution, but also brings 10,000 tons of antimony into nature every year after PET terminal products become garbage, causing irreversible pollution.

As a leading company in the polyester industry, Decon has been committed to making contributions to environmental protection for a long time. The antimony-free environmental-friendly polyester is a concrete portrayal of Decon’s in-depth practice of the new concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. The comprehensive promotion of antimony-free environmental-friendly polyester chips will surely set off a revolution in the polyester industry and effectively contribute to Decon’s strength to worldwide green development.