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Low melt fiber

Low melt fiber is a fiber produced by the composite spinning of regular polyester and modified polyester. When it is heated to 110-150 ℃, the sheath layer can melt and then generate a sheath-core or side-by-side structure. It can be mixed with other fibers or be used alone. The applications lie in imitation silk cotton, non-adhesive cotton, hard

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Polyester Fiber

Polyester fiber, commonly known as "polyester". It is a synthetic fiber derived from polycondensation of organic diacid and dihydric alcohol. Polyester fiber most commonly refers to a type called PET fiber. PET fibers account for more than 60% of the world's synthetic fiber production. History: In 1941, British J.R. Winfield and J.T. Dixon first successfully

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Sea Island Yarn for Suede Fabric

Sea island yarn for suede fabric is not a single butterfly yarn. It is actually a composite ultra-fine mixed yarn that is processed by interlacing process after the combination of ordinary sea-island yarn and high-shrinkage yarn. Our company supplies the polymer (alkali-soluble PET chip and high shrinkage PET chip) for these two kinds of yarn

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Melt Spinning in Textile

Definition: Melt Spinning in textile is a process of manufacturing synthetic fibers. The high-molecular polymer is heated and melted into a spinning melt with a certain viscosity. Then the melt is continuously and uniformly squeezed to the spinneret by a spinning pump. The fiber stream is discharged through the pores of the spinneret. After being

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Spun and Blended Yarn Sizing Agent

Introduction of Spun and Blended Yarn Sizing Agent In this article, spun and blended yarn sizing agent refers to Sulphonated and Anionic Water-soluble Polyester Resin. It is in a low viscosity aqueous dispersion and can be 100% dissolved in hot water without alcohol or other solvents. It is a thermoplastic polymeric material made from the

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Top 10 Polyester Manufacturers in China

The top 10 Polyester Manufacturers in China mainly lie in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. The polyester production capacity of these two provinces accounts for about 77% of the total national capacity. Zhejiang area is the largest production and marketing province, in which Huzhou, Xiaoshao, and Ningbo areas are the relatively concentrated industry layout. The top

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Fabric Finishing Process

The fabric finishing process refers to the treatment to improve the appearance and feel, enhance the performance or give special function. To be more specific, it is a technical treatment method that gives fabrics color effects, morphological effects (bright and clean, suede, crisp, etc.), and actual effects (impermeable, non-felting, non-ironing, non-moth, flame resistance, etc.). Finishing

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Compound Sizing Chemical

Compound Sizing Chemical for Spun and Blends Yarn in Textile Preparation One-Shot Sizing Chemical / Single Shot Sizing Agent for Weaving Preparatory Description Compound Sizing Chemical is also called one or single-shot sizing agent. It is used for spun yarn or blended yarn sizing during textile preparation. Compound sizing chemical is a mixture of Polyvinyl

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Microfiber is also called fine-denier fibers or ultra-fine fiber. Generally, it refers to fiber with a fineness of 0.3 deniers (5 microns in diameter) or less. Its fineness is 1/200 of human hair and 1/20 of ordinary chemical fiber. Its strength is 5 times of ordinary fiber (durability). And its absorption capacity, water absorption speed,

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