Cationic Dyeable Polyester Chip for CDP Yarn Spinning

Bright Original or Recycled CDP or ECDP for CD Polyester Fiber Melt/Extrusion Spinning

Description: Generally speaking, Cationic Dyeable Polyester Chip can be divided into two types, CDP and ECDP.
CDP refers to the high-pressure cationic dyeable polyester chip and the dyeing condition is at 120-130℃ under 0.13MPa.
ECDP is the normal pressure chip and the dyeing condition is at 98-100℃.
Characteristic:For CDP, the advantage is that CDP fiber has a higher colorfastness, brighter color, and easy to obtain the effect of cross-dye, white space, and variant dye. The disadvantage is that the dyeing process needs to be done at high temperatures and under high pressure. And what’s worse, CDP fiber can not be blended with other synthetic fibers.
ECDP is developed to solve the defect of CDP and also maintain the strength of CDP. So we can say, ECDP is the modified one based on CDP.
Classification: According to the luster (the content of TiO2), there are Bright and Semi-Dull CDP/ECDP.
According to raw material, there are Original CDP/ECDP, Recycled CDP/ECDP, Recycled Cloth CDP/ECDP.
Parameters Table: (CDP)

INTRINSIC VISCOSITY Dl/g 0.58 GB/T 14190-2008(5.1.1)
-COOH ENDGROUP Mol/t 34 GB/T 14190-2008(5.4.1)
COLOUR VALUE L / 83.5 GB/T 14190-2008(5.5.2)
COLOUR VALUE b / 4.1 GB/T 14190-2008(5.5.2)
MELTING POINT 248.5 GB/T 14190-2008(5.3.2)
DEG CONTENT % 3.86 GB/T 14190-2008(5.2.1)
WATER CONTENT % 0.01 GB/T 14190-2008(5.7.1)
AGGREGATED PARTICLE Pce/mg 0.0 GB/T 14190-2008(5.6)
Ash CONTENT % 0.502 FZ/T 51003-2011(6.2)
Fe CONTENT mg/kg 3.68 GB/T 14190-2008(5.11)
IRREGULAR CHIP % 0.00 GB/T 14190-2008(5.8)
POWDER DUST mg/kg 0 GB/T 14190-2008(5.8)

Parameters Table: (ECDP)

No. Property Unit Standard Value
1 Intrinsic Viscosity (I.V) dl/g M0 ± 0.015
2 Diethylene Glycol (DEG) % M1 ± 0.15
3 Carboxyl End Groups (COOH) mol/t ≤20
4 Melting Point ≤242
5 Color Value L ≥48
B M2 ± 2
A ≤-0.5
6 Moisture Content % ≤0.2
M0 is the central value for IV. It should be M0=0.55, when there is no special requirement.
M1 is the central value for DEG. It ranges from 1.7% to 3.6%.
M2 is the central value for color value. It should be M2=2, when there is no special requirement.

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We offer international standard packaging for better storage, safety, and handling.
*HDPE Plastic Bags – 25 kgs Bag packing
*Jumbo Bags – 1000 kgs Jumbo bags packing
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