Classification of polyester chips
1. According to composition and structure: blending, copolymerization, crystallization, liquid crystal, circular polyester chips, etc.
2. According to the performance, it can be divided into coloring, flame retardant, antistatic, moisture absorption, anti-pilling, antibacterial, whitening, low melting point, thickening (high viscosity) polyester chips, etc.;
3. According to the application, it can be divided into fiber-grade polyester chips, bottle-grade polyester chips, and film-grade polyester chips (mainly because of the different technical index). Fiber-grade polyester chips can be divided into different types according to the content of TiO2: super bright, bright, semi-dull, and (full) dull polyester chips. There are also cationic polyester chips.
*Super-bright polyester chips: it does not contain TiO2, and the appearance standard is colorless and transparent particles
*Bright polyester chips: containing 0.1% TiO2, translucent particles
*Semi-dull polyester chips: containing 0.3%-0.5% TiO2, off white or gray particles
*Full dull polyester chip: containing 2.5% TiO2
*Cation polyester chips: transparent (slightly yellow) particles, uniform particles
*Super absorbent polyester chips: made by adding specific additives (pore-forming agent) to PET resin
*Far-infrared polyester chips: ceramic powder is added in the process of PET resin synthesis. Because the ceramic powder has the special function of emitting far-infrared, the fiber made from that has good heat storage and moisturizing, promoting blood circulation and other health care functions.
* Flame-retardant polyester chips: adding phosphorus flame retardant to PET resin to obtain copolymerized flame-retardant chips, then the fiber made from that has ideal heat-resistant and flame-retardant properties.
*Fluorescent whitening polyester chips: In the process of PET resin synthesis, a fluorescent whitening agent is added to make it evenly dispersed in the resin, and the resulting chips have significant fluorescence. In fibers, it can improve the whiteness of natural plants or the vividness of colored fabrics.
*Antibacterial polyester chips: Using nano-silver inorganic antibacterial agents, it is synthesized by a unique process. It can be processed into various specifications of antibacterial polyester fibers.

PET Chip Classification