What is Our History?

In 1993, Hubei Xinfeng Synthetic Fibers was founded as a state-owned company. This was the birth of today’s leading company. Then in 2020, Decon was established as an overseas market department. Right from the very beginning, it was characterized by innovative strength and social commitment. And we aim at becoming a global leading manufacturer of polyester chips.

What is Our Mission?

We keep digging in the polymer field for 27 years. Because we deeply know expertise is based on time accumulation and professionalism is also polished and deposited by time. Besides this, our founder also attaches much importance into the trends of overseas trading. So Decon is build up for providing better service to customers abroad. With automatic production system, plentiful production advantages and rich technical experiences in spinning-grade polyester, Decon will surely provide more complete services and total solutions with customization.

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