Compound Sizing Chemical for Spun and Blends Yarn in Textile Preparation

One-Shot Sizing Chemical / Single Shot Sizing Agent for Weaving Preparatory

Compound Sizing Chemical is also called one or single-shot sizing agent. It is used for spun yarn or blended yarn sizing during textile preparation. Compound sizing chemical is a mixture of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Textile Wax, Modified Starch (Corn Starch). The ratio of each chemical is adjusted according to different sizing objectives.

About Polyester Resin
Nowadays, the price of PVA is sky-high. For example, the PVA 1788 of Shuangxin Brand is around $4.00/kg. As a result, many end-users or chemical traders are looking for an alternative to PVA. Our product, polyester resin is a good option. 1kg of polyester can replace at least 1kg of PVA. But the price is only half of the PVA, that’s about $2.00/kg. Our product can help customers to reduce the sizing cost and make their products more competitive.

Detailed Case
Here is one case from our Pakistani customer.
Sizing Object: Polyester and Cotton Blended Yarn (Polyester: Cotton=52:48)
Previous Recipe: 800 Ltr of Water + 16kg of PVA + 80kg of Starch +2.5kg of Wax
Current Recipe: 800 Ltr of Water + 8kg of polyester + 80kg of Starch +2.5kg of Wax
From the recipe comparison, you can see one part of polyester resin can be two parts of PVA. And according to the customer’s feedback, the result of the latter recipe is pretty good.

Dissolving Methods
We can provide two shapes of polyester resin, granule, and powder.
When using polyester chips for compound sizing agents, the dissolving method is as followed.
1. Heat up soft water to 85℃
2. Add our resin and keep stirring
3. When the polyester resin is fully dissolved and cool down the water
4. Add other ingredients when the water temperature is less than 40℃.
5. Cook for 40 minutes at 95 temperature.

When using polyester powder for compound sizing agent, the dissolving method is as followed.
1. Heat up soft water to 40℃
2. Add all of the ingredients
3. Cook for 40 minutes at 95 temperature.