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What is the Package?2022-05-14T15:17:10+00:00

As for the package, we can load 1000 kg in one jumbo bag. Or we can load 25 kgs in one small bag.
For a 20 GP container, it can load 20 bags, that’s 20 tons, or can load 960 bags, that’s 24 tons.
We do not recommend 40 GP or HQ containers.
Because according to the shipping company regulations, all the weight (container + cargo) can not exceed 30.5 tons.
20′ container can load almost the same weight as 40′, And its shipping cost is just half.
As a result, the 20 GP container is more cost-effective.

Is Hubei Decon a Manufacturer?2021-11-24T15:23:09+00:00

Is Hubei Decon a Manufacturer or Trading company?
Yes, we have factories and Hubei Decon is just used for overseas marketing.
Actually, we do not think the answer to this question is the most important. What matters to customers is the price, quality, and service.
We know some customers who prefer factories. For them, only factories can offer them the lowest quotation.
But not all the factories can provide the most competitive price, because they may have a higher management cost compared with some small trading agents.
Even though the price from factories is the best, what about the service? If they are not so cooperative or their company policy is very stubborn, you need to spend extra time and energy doing business with them. Time end energy is called invisible cost.
So please do not stop responding when the suppliers tell you they are not a manufacturer.

Why Choose Decon?2021-03-26T08:40:54+00:00

Cooperation is based on mutual choice.

1. Do You Prioritize What We Believe?

We believe in becoming a flexible and customer-driven partner.
We believe in being an extension of our customer’s team.
We believe in an open and honest relationship.
We believe in creating value through continuous innovation.
We believe everything should start and end with quality.
We believe every project deserves the very best.
And we do not believe in shortcuts.
If you prioritize our company core as above, we’re the right choice for you.
If you prioritize other things, you should choose other suppliers.

2.Are We The Right “Fit” For You?

Why you choose us is not because of how good we are boasting.
It is because our offer bridges your needs and our solution solves your pain;
It is because our product can fulfill your desired result and performance;
It is because our market position matches yours and our commitment resonates with you.

How to Ensure Product Quality?2021-03-26T08:47:13+00:00

You deserve the highest quality manufacturing and packaging services every single time.
Our industry-leading Quality System extends throughout the whole supply chain, from inquiry receipt to final delivery. Complete traceability is based on national standards along with full ISO-9001 and other international compliance. You also have access to our innovative in-house labs for verification and testing solutions. We have a complete track record of robust Quality Systems.
Quality Control Flow Chart

Can you Offer us Discount?2021-03-26T08:51:24+00:00

We can definitely have a conversation about specific numbers, but let’s make sure we’re on the same page about the solution being a good fit for your needs.
We do have a discount program for those prospective clients who are willing to help us with local promotions. If you join it, we do not even need to worry about discounts.
Till now, we have about 10 customers who have joined this. Contact us, you will be the next one. Contact Us

Why is your Product So Cost-effective?2021-03-26T09:01:21+00:00

(1) With our mission to help customers cut down-converting costs, we don’t believe in an over-priced strategy.
(2) We have been striving to keep prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Beyond that, We improve the competitiveness on manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best processing method and logistics service.
We hope that by giving the best support on price to you, we could help ease your capital pressure and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

What is your Production Process?2021-03-26T09:12:57+00:00

The raw material of our product is PTA and MEG.
After three stages of esterification reaction, they come to the granulator.
Then after drying and sorting, we get the finished products.
Manufacturing Process Flowchart

What is Your Selling Point?2021-11-02T01:40:20+00:00

Hubei Decon can make your desired polymer into reality.
We are a professional manufacturer of differentiated Polyester chips.
“Differentiation” is relative to “normalization or homogenization”. Generally speaking, the development of modified PET chips has gone through three stages, “specialization”, “functionalization” and “functional compound”.
With the daily improvement of living standards, consumers have higher demands towards garment materials in aspects of appearance, hand feeling, comfort, function, etc. These demands accelerate the specialty filament development in elasticity, moisture absorption and quick-drying, anti-static, anti-pilling, cationic dyeing, easy dyeing, luster, fluffy, etc. As a result, there is not only a single modified fiber but also more composite modified one. At the same time, the rapid development of industrial and intelligent technology textile demand from the market has promoted the upgrading and development of high-quality functional fibers such as flame retardant, high strength, electrical conductivity, medical and environmental protection.
As the raw material of extrusion or melt spinning, Polyester Chips or Pellets can be customized in aspects of Chemical modification, physical modification, and technological modification.
For example, we have developed alkali-soluble PET chips for the Japan Toray company.

Business Model2021-06-17T06:44:20+00:00

Q: What is your Business Model?

Manufacturer & Distributor

1. Manufacturer: we have Zhongying as our production base and can provide you with the best price and updated technology.

2. Distributor: fulfilling a value-adding function in the supply chain
2.1 Sourcing products in local market according customers’ requirement
2.2 Filling, labelling, bar-coding and palletizing
2.3 Mixing and blending according to customer specific requirements
2.4 Formulating and technical support from dedicated application laboratories
2.5 Providing just-in-time delivery and vendor-managed inventory services
2.6 Utilizing cost-effective transportation way
2.7 Offering one-stop-shop solution

What are your Advantages?2021-06-29T09:33:40+00:00

What are your advantages? Let’s summarize these points in short.
1) We are willing to start the business with trial orders.
2) Free samples could be provided on request.
3) No stubborn or stupid policy, and everything could be discussed.
4) Top nice and professional sales representatives.
5) Moderate price with low-risk level. ( Please place a small order and get experienced what we promised.)

What is your Product Range?2021-08-24T06:53:35+00:00

What is your product range?

-Till now, our products include water-soluble polyester chips, low melt polyester chips, (easy) cationic dyeable polyester chips, alkali-soluble polyester chips, flame retardant polyester chips, and low viscosity polyester chips.

In a word, we help customers to solve the raw material supply of polyester yarns. You put forward your requirements and we supply you with what you need.


Can you send us free samples?2021-11-24T15:34:32+00:00

Can you send us free samples?
Yes. Free samples are available upon your request, but the courier charge should not exceed 100$.
We have had stable cooperation with one courier agent in Shenzhen for many years. Their charges are much lower than these of courier companies, like FedEx, DHL, or UPS. We will choose the most cost-effective way to deliver free samples to your hands. Or you can tell us the favorable courier you need.
But if samples are chemical in powder shape, sorry that we can not provide them free of charge. Because it is not easy to send them. You need to offer us your courier account.

What is the Method of Adhesive Test by Using Mylar Film?2021-11-29T14:55:23+00:00

What is the Method of Adhesive Test by Using Mylar Film?

This is a question from one of our customers. And it is regarding the water-soluble polyester resin. Mylar film here refers to the polyester film.
After these potential customers receive our samples of WSP resin, they need to conduct an important test about adhesion.
Good adhesive brings a positive result to the sizing process.
Here is the method.
1. Make a 15% clear solution of polyester resin in soft water.
2. Apply this solution to dry completely by air drying
3. Solution must be applied on A4 paper size film in the form of a 3 to 5-inch circle
4. After the polyester film is fully dried, start rubbing by using a coin of yuan on that film.
(Minimum 100 runs are required for rubbing test.)
5. If the film of polyester resin is not disturbed after 100 runs, the adhesion is perfect.

Questions About Water Soluble Polyester Resin2022-03-05T14:14:16+00:00

1. What is the Development of Water Soluble Polyester Resin?
The technology of water-soluble polyester resin was firstly developed by EASTMAN USA Company. And then it spread to the rest of the world. Nowadays, the main manufacturers lie in India and China. And Indian companies are more popular, like Zydex and Ran Chemical.

The founders of these two factories were studying in the USA and then worked there. In 1998, they came back to India and finished the development of this product in around 2001. Hubei Decon started the research and development of this resin in 2009. Till now our product is widely used in the domestic market.

Before polyester resin came out, the sizing chemical market was dominated by Acrylic binders. Japanese Company, MATSUMOTO, and GOO CHEMICAL were leading suppliers.

2. What is Recommended Solid Percentage in Water and Solid Pick-up Percentage on Yarn?
Solid % in water: it varies from 13% to 16% based on machine condition.
Pick-up % on yarn: it varies based on different conditions, like rubber roll, steel roll pressure, and squeeze roll pressure. But the dry pickup percentage must be 6% on solid bases.

3. Is Resin Solution Stable under Alkalic Conditions?
If the polyester resin is used for yarn sizing, its solution will not be stable under alkalic conditions. Because after the weaving process, the resin in the fabric will be removed mostly by the alkali. If it is stable, the residue will affect the dyeing, printing, and finishing process.
According to our experience, some customers tend to add some alkalic chemicals during the cooking process of compound sizing chemicals.  Alkali is used to improve the dissolving ability of resin.

4. Why is There Residue in the Cooking Tank?
For WSP-010, the residue percentage is from 0.3% to 1.5%. It is the lowest in winter and the highest in summer.

5. Is the resin anionic or nonionic?
Yes. Our water-soluble polyester resin is anionic and it should not be used with cationic. It is only compatible with anionic and nonionic compounds. For example, acrylic size is nonionic.

Acrylic Binder and Polyester Resin as Sizing Chemical2022-01-12T07:47:45+00:00

Compared with acrylic binders, polyester resin has the following advantages.

1 Less Consumption

The highest strength on yarn for the acrylic binder is 650 grams per centimeter square, while for polyester resin it is 1000 grams. So for the same amount of yarn, the resin has less consumption.

2 Lower Price

The raw material cost of polyester is always much cheaper than acrylic monomers. And it is a forever applicable formula. So polyester resin has a much lower price.

3 More Convenient Transportation

The acrylic chemical is in liquid form and polyester is in solid form. So the latter one is more convenient for transportation, especially overseas one. And at the same time, solid form has a lower transportation charge.

Company Structure2021-08-24T08:17:33+00:00

Hubei Decon belongs to a Limited company and there are five departments in the company structure. They are the purchasing department,  production department, sales department (including after-sale service), technical department, and financial department.

Compared with these big companies, our structure is very simple. But small structure brings us less expense in company managing and labor cost. And simple structure makes flexible service and prompt response come true.

Every department plays an important role in the company and they work together to make our business more profitable.

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