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Is Hubei Decon a Manufacturer?

Is Hubei Decon a Manufacturer or Trading company? Yes, we have factories and Hubei Decon is just used for overseas marketing. Actually, we do not think the answer to this question is the most important. What matters to customers is the price, quality, and service. We know some customers who prefer factories. For them, only

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Can you Offer us Discount?

We can definitely have a conversation about specific numbers, but let’s make sure we’re on the same page about the solution being a good fit for your needs. We do have a discount program for those prospective clients who are willing to help us with local promotions. If you join it, we do not even

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What is your Product Range?

What is your product range? -Till now, our products include water-soluble polyester chips, low melt polyester chips, (easy) cationic dyeable polyester chips, alkali-soluble polyester chips, flame retardant polyester chips, and low viscosity polyester chips. In a word, we help customers to solve the raw material supply of polyester yarns. You put forward your requirements and

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