Halogen-free Flame Retardant Polyester Chip for Fire-resistant Fiber

Bright Semi-dull or Full-dull Flame-resistant PET Chip for Fire-resistant Yarn 

Description: Flame retardant polyester chip is obtained by changing the molecular structure of polyester by linking to phosphorus element. The phosphorous compound exhibits excellent self-extinguishing and flame-retardant properties. It enjoys the characteristic of high strength, hydrolysis resistance, high-temperature resistance, UV-Resistance, and excellent spinnability. We can produce halogen-free flame retardant polyester chips, with phosphorus content from 6500ppm to 15000ppm. And the Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) can be more than 32.
It is mainly used for the production of fire-resistant fiber. Such fiber is widely applied in the manufacturing of carpets, curtains, and home and car decoration, which has unique requirements for flame retardant properties.
Parameters Table:
Semi-dull Grade

No. Items Unit Test Result
1 Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) dl/g 0.7015
2 Melting Point (Tm) 242
3 Carboxyl End Groups (-COOH) mol/t 32
4 Color Value / b 5
5 Moisture Content w% 0.2
6 Agglomerate Particle 10 pm/mg 8
7 Ash Content (excluding TiO2) w% 0.5
8 Fe Content w% 0.0002
9 Irregular Chip & Powder w% 0.3
10 DEG Content w% 2.9
11 TiO2 Content w% 0.3
12 Phosphorus Content ppm 6500

Bright Grade

No. Items Unit Test Result
1 Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) dl/g 0.6912
2 Melting Point (Tm) 242
3 Carboxyl End Groups (-COOH) mol/t 33
4 Color Value / b 6
5 Moisture Content % 0.3
6 Agglomerate Particle 10pm/mg 9
7 Ash Content % 0.2
8 DEG Content % 3.0

1. The central number of the test items can be adjusted according to customer demand.
2. The standard of the test can be changed if we get a new edition about the method of the test.
We offer international standard packaging for better storage, safety, and handling.
*HDPE Plastic Bags – 25 kgs Bag packing
*Jumbo Bags – 1000 kgs Jumbo bags packing
All the above-listed packaging is with moisture-proof liner inside and customized packing is available upon your request.
Storage: Separately stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse equipped with fire-fighting facilities according to different grades and lot numbers.

Safety Precautions:

  • Keep away from fire and heat sources for storing and transportation.
  • Can not be transported or stored together with oil, acid, alkali chemicals, etc.
  • Proper measures should be taken to avoid damage to packing materials and injury.