In the textile industry, yarn sizing plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and performance of fabrics. Water-soluble polyester resin has been widely used for yarn sizing due to its excellent adhesive properties. However, concerns have been raised about the presence of heavy metals in PET resin and their potential environmental and health impacts. As we know, antimony-based (hereinafter referred to as Sb) catalysts are commonly used for polyesters. Antimony is a heavy metal that is harmful to the human body and environment. In response to these concerns, a new innovation has emerged – Heavy Metal Free Polyester Resin for Yarn Sizing. Our company use titanium-based (hereinafter referred to as Ti) catalyst to synthesize PET Polymer.

Below is the test report of antimony content in our product.

Heavy Metal Test Report

Comparison between Sb and Ti Catalyst
Sb catalyst: poisonous, high catalytic activity, low tendency to catalyze side reactions, low cost, convenient usage, no undesirable colors
Ti catalyst: environmentally friendly and non-toxic, low catalyst dosage, short reaction time

The Advantages of Heavy Metal Free Polyester Resin For Yarn Sizing

  1. Zero VOC safety and environmental protection: Heavy Metal Free Polyester Resin is formulated without the use of harmful heavy metals. This significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional polyester resins, making it a more sustainable choice. Heavy metal is not detected in the wastewater from the de-sizing process.
  2. Enhanced Product Performance: Despite being heavy metal-free, this resin maintains excellent adhesive properties, ensuring optimal yarn sizing performance. Fabrics treated with this resin exhibit improved strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion, enhancing the overall quality of the end product.