Semi-dull Bright High Shrinkage Polyester Chip HSPET for High Shrink Fiber

Precrystallized High Contraction Polyester Granular for Filament Yarn Spinning

High Shrinkage Polyester Chip (HSPET) is one modified or specialty polymer with a high shrinkage rate. It is obtained by adding a third or fourth monomer during the polymerization process. And we can provide pre-crystallized high-shrinkage polyester chips. According to the content of TiO2, HSPET can be classified into three grades, that’s Bright, Semi-dull, and Full-dull.
We use the HSPET chip to produce high-shrink polyester fiber and yarn.
There are two methods to produce high-shrinkable fibers, chemical modification, and physical modification. The former has a relatively lower processing cost and the latter has a higher shrinkage rate. But the principle of both ways is to reduce the crystallinity of the fiber molecular structure and increase the orientation of the amorphous area. Our product is applied in the chemical method.
When the regular fiber is heated, the shrinkage rate is usually no more than 10%. While high shrinkage yarn rate can reach 45% and high shrinkage fiber rate can reach 40%. The high-contraction polyester fiber is widely used for blending with other fibers. During the printing and dyeing process, it is heated and contracted. Then the ordinary fiber blended with it will be crimped and fluffy. As a result, the overall feel of the fabrics is good and the sense of simulation is strong.


No. Property Unit Standard Value Test Result
1 Intrinsic Viscosity dl/g 0.722 ± 0.01 0.722
2 Melting Point 229±1 229
3 Color Value (b) 5 ± 1.5 4.36
4 Carboxyl End Groups (COOH) mol/t 18±3 17.8
5 Moisture Content % ≤0.4 0.065
6 Agglomerate Particle(>10um) pce/mg ≤2.0 0.5
7 Diethylene Glycol (DEG) W/% 1.6±0.3 1.55