Low Melting Point Polyester Chip for Hot Melt Yarn Masterbatch

Extrusion Grade Polymer for Hot-melt Adhesive Glue Coating

Generally speaking, the low melting point polyester chip refers to one specialty polymer with a melting point between 90℃ and 220℃.
The melting point of polyester is the temperature at which a solid crystalline substance changes from a solid state to a liquid. So it reflects the purity of polyester. Generally speaking, pure polyester is a partially crystalline polymer with a melting point of 265℃. But during actual production, some impurities exist in the polyester due to various side reactions. At the same time, the defects of polymer crystals and the difference in crystallinity will also affect the melting point. The common type of low melt polymer is 110℃. But we can also offer a melting point of 90℃, 120℃, 160℃, and 180℃.

Low-melt polyester chips can produce low-melting point fiber, low-melting point synthetic fiber, and thermal-melting mucilage. Its primary usage is acting as bonding fiber in nonwoven fabrics. The end usage lies in clothing, articles for bed, shoe uppers, sleeping bags, sofas, and hygiene products.

LM PET Chip is also the main raw material of masterbatch carriers. That is, low-melt PET chips, conventional chips, and dyes are mixed to produce the polyester color masterbatch according to a certain proportion. The production of this product is the introduction of polyester macromolecules into the modified copolymer unit. And its melting point is in the range of 100℃~120℃. Commonly used modifiers are phthalic acid, adipic acid, and trimethylolpropane.

Recently, LM Polymer is also extruded into the back coating of nonwoven, automotive interiors,  foam, injection molding, PET sheets, and hot-melt adhesive/glue.

Low Melt PET Chip Application

Low Melt Yarn is also called hot melt yarn or fusible yarn. There are sheath-core low-melt bicomponent yarn and full low-melt polyester yarn.


No. Property Unit                                            Test Results
90℃ 110℃ 120℃ 160℃ 180℃ 200℃
1 Intrinsic Viscosity dl/g 0.566 0.637 0.689 0.641 0.65 0.68
2 Color Value L 48.58 57.50 54 53.50 75.19 56.12
b 5.0 2.70 8.6 3.60 2.80 3.5
3 COOH Content mol/t 30 30 18 22.1 22 27.7
4 DEG Content % 3.16 8.42 8.8 6.32 2.0 1.37
5 Moisture Content % 0.01 0.01 0.15 0.01 0.01 0.15

Packaging: We offer international standard packaging for better storage, safety, and handling. The specialty products are offered in various specs. Samples are available upon request.

*HDPE Plastic Bags – 25 kgs Bag packing
*Jumbo Bags – 1000 kgs Jumbo bags packing
All above-listed packaging has a moisture-proof liner inside and customized packing is available upon your request.

Storage: Separately stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse equipped with fire-fighting facilities according to different grades and lot numbers.
Safety Precautions:
1. Keep away from fire and heat sources for storing and transportation.
2. Can not be transported or stored together with chemicals of oil, acid, alkali, etc.
3. Proper measures should be taken to avoid damage to packing materials and injury.