Textile Grade Low Intrinsic Viscosity Polyester Chip

Low IV 0.64 Bright or Semi-dull PET Chip

Low viscosity polyester chip, abbreviated as LVPET, is a functionally modified polyester developed by our company. Low IV polyester chip is mainly used in the field of conjugate spinning and has the characteristics of low viscosity, rapid crystallization, and low shrinkage.
Generally, the intrinsic viscosity (IV) of textile-grade polyester is 0.645dl/g. IV is a measure of polymer molecular weight in the industry. Measuring the intrinsic viscosity can not only evaluate the polyester quality but also formulate spinning process conditions. When IV is too low, the molecular weight of the polyester is accordingly small. Then spinning process will become very difficult to stretch. What’s worse, fiber may lose spinnability and be prone to breakage. When IV is too high, the tensile stress during stretching will become very large and macromolecules will have a poor property in orientation. To sum up, stable intrinsic viscosity is of great help to improve the quality of spinning.

Parameters Table:

No. Property Unit Technical Data
1 Intrinsic Viscosity dl/g M0 ± 0.01
2 DEG Content % 1.00±0.15
3 Terminal Hydroxyl Group mol/t ≤30
4 Melting Point ≥259
5 Color Value L ≥70
B M1 ± 1
6 Moisture Content % ≤0.4
7 TiO2 % M2 ± 0.015
Remark:M0 is the central value for IV. It should be M0=0.485, when there is no special requirement.
M1 is the central value for color B. It should be M1=1, when there is no special requirement.
M2 is TiO2 content. The value is from 0 to 2.2%.

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