High Viscosity PET Chip for Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric

Semi-dull Grade Specialty Polymer for Nonwovens

Non-woven fabric polyester chip is the raw material of 100% polyester (pet) spunbond nonwoven. The production process for nonwoven fabrics does not include yarn spinning. In other words, nonwovens can be made directly from fiber or polymer. The polymer can be a PET chip.
Non-woven fabrics polyester chip is a new type of polymer developed recently. They are widely used in various fields such as medical treatment, home decoration, filter materials, and insulating materials. The production of high-viscosity non-woven fabrics PET chips can improve the device’s competitiveness and flexible polyester capacity.
Our Non-woven fabric polyester chip has the following features.
1 High Intrinsic Viscosity
The intrinsic viscosity of regular polyester chips is 0.64-0.68 dl/g. The IV of our material can reach 0.71 dl/g.
2 Stable Carboxyl Terminal Value and Melting Point
3 Significantly Improve the Quality of Non-woven Products


Intrinsic Viscosity dl/g 0.711
Colour Value L / 83.2
b / 5.9
COOH Content mol/t 25.8
DEG Content % 1.14
Melting Point 261.0
Water Content % 0.05
Ash Content % 0.03
Irregular Chip % 0
Powder Content % 0
Tio2 Content % 0.29
Weight g/100ea 2.918
IV testing method: The solvent for IV testing is phenol and tetrachlorethane. And the ratio of these two chemicals is 1:1. The test temperature is 25℃.
Testing Standard: GB/T 14190-2017