Project Description

Water Soluble Polyester Resin for Textile Stiffening Agent

Stiffener Polymer for Fabric Finishing Process Replacing Acrylic Emulsion

Textile Stiffening Agent is one specialty high-molecular polymer. It is characterized by easy solubility, low viscosity, and good biodegradation. It can be used in the finishing process of fibers (like cotton, polyester, spandex, nylon), and various fabrics. Currently, it is widely used for finishing inter-lining fabrics. This stiffening agent can improve the stiffening and thickening effect, and also improve the fastness to a solid color, rubbing fastness, and tearing strength of the fabric. The textile with a stiffener can remain stiff for a long time and does not lose stiffness under high humidity conditions.
It can also be used as a stiffener and binder on the non-woven fabric surface. Water-soluble polyester stiffening and binding agent can replace PVA, pure acrylic, and vinegar acrylic emulsion.

Yellowish Transparent granule;
weak anion;
IV: 0.411 dl/g (WSP-041)
0.35 dl/g (WSP-042);
DEG content: 8.85%(WSP-041)
PH: 5-7(1%);
Melting point: 176.3 degrees (WSP-041)
234.5 degrees (WSP-042);
Solubility: easy to dissolve in hot water
Max Solid Content: 35%

Free of formaldehyde, non-toxic, safe and eco-friendly
High-temperature resistance, color remaining at 200ºC
Fabric applied by this product is crisp and elastic, of durable stiffening effect, is washable, damp, and remains soft after being affected by damp.
Water-soluble, non-flammable or explosive, safe and easy to storage

Heating Soft Water up to 85℃ – Add polyester resin into the water – Keep heating the water gradually up to 98℃ – Remain at the temperature for one hour- cooling down (Remark: keep stirring after the resin is added into the water.)

Packed in PP woven bags and lined with PE plastic bag, 25kg/bag or 1000kg/bag
Separately stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse equipped with fire-fighting facilities
Proper measures should be taken to avoid damage to packing materials and injury