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Water Soluble Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Filament, Spun/Staple Yarn, Cotton Yarn, and Blend Yarn Sizing

Polyester Resin for Fabric Stiffening Waterproof Coating and Digital Printing Paper

Description: Water-soluble polyester resin is a water-based sulfonated and unsaturated polymer. And it is anionic.
The main raw material is PTA and MEG. After the esterification and polymerization process, polyester resin comes out.
This product has a wide application. In this article, we mainly discuss the usage of warp yarn sizing.
The sizing operation is the link between yarn making, weaving, and finishing in the textile industry. The process of applying protective adhesive coating on the surface of yarns is known as sizing. Sizing chemicals are mainly applied to warp yarns to improve their performance during the weaving process as warp yarns. And sizing belongs to one part of yarn or weaving preparation.

Application: warp yarn sizing or gumming or slashing
1. Polyester Filament Sizing
Only need to add an anti-foaming agent and some antistatic additive. (the latter one is only for Winter)
Can totally replace PVA, acrylic binder, etc.

2. Polyester Spun Yarn, Cotton, or Blend Yarn Sizing, the main agent for one-shot sizing chemical
Can pulverize the particle size into smaller ones, like 30 mesh powder. That can help customers to protect their recipes.
Polyester Powder
Need to mix with PVA, acrylic, and starch.
Below is the recipe for 36/1 PV (30, 36, 40 all the same)
Soft Water: 700 liter
Modified Starch: 80 kg
Polyester resin: 10 kg
Any Acrylic binder: 5 kg
Wax: 1 kg
(Slasher sizing machine with 250rpm, sectional warp sizing, fabric 80″ and number of end 6675)
Application Table (Water Soluble Polyester for cotton yarn, spun yarn, and blended yarn sizing) 
WSP Application

Currently, there are original pet resin and recycled pet resin.
The former is made from PTA and MEG, and the latter is made from recycled bottle flakes.
Generally speaking, the original one has a better performance and the recycled one has a lower price.

water soluble polyester resin

1. Convenient size boiling, low impurity, moderate viscosity which can be widely applied
2. Size mixing and sizing easy
3. Easy to dry, improve efficiency and lower the cost
4. Strong adhesiveness and intensity, friction resistance, low size consumption
5. Sized thread smooth, clear openings in weaving, and higher efficiency