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High IV Polyester Chip


The raw materials produced by melt polymerization are generally processed into pellets of about 2.5*2.5*3mm, commonly known as polyester chips. The chips are mainly used for the production of fibers, containers, packaging materials, films, engineering plastics, etc. However, its intrinsic viscosity is relatively low, usually only about 0.65dl/g. The production, like conveyor belts, tire cords,

Flame Retardant Polyester Chip


Flame retardant polyester chip is obtained by changing the molecular structure of polyester through linking to phosphorus element. This functionality designed chip is manufactured through batch production and available for both filament and staple fiber processes. The phosphorous compound exhibits excellent self-extinguishing and flame retardant properties.

Alkali-soluble Polyester Chips


Alkali Soluble Polyester Chip is mainly used as the sea component of sea-island yarn. The alkali reduction processing dissolves the sea part and leaves only the island part. The separation of sea-island components is based on the different degrees of polymer dissolution in alkali solution. The conjugation with high contraction yarns generates excellent suede effects

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