Quality Control Process

We have a strict quality control process from incoming material quality checking to customer feedback.
IQC is based on the GB2828 standard and clients’ feedback is based on COA Agreed Parameter Sheet.

quality control

Every Step Matter

First Step: IQC (Incoming Material Quality Check), based on GB2828 Standard
Second Step: IPQC(In-process Quality Check), based on National Standard Agreed Parameter Sheet
Third Step: OPQC(Outgoing Product Quality Check), based on National Standard Agreed Parameter Sheet
Fourth Step: Shipping Inspection, based on GB2828
Last Step: Customer Feedback, based on COA Agreed Parameter Sheet

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Quality Control Significance

Quality control takes much time and investment, but it can get rid of many quality complaints from your customers and save the business important hassles in the long run.
High-quality products are based on complete and normative quality control(QC).  Low-quality products can bring you poor reputation and legal sanctions.

Principles of Quality Control

The most effective and efficient quality control systems follow sound principles, which provide clear guidelines and ensure the quality of each item we produce.
Below are the ten principles we are following in our factory now.

  • Focus On Customers

  • Clear Policies

  • Organizational Structure

  • Process Oriented

  • System-based Approach

  • Team Involvement

  • Constantly Strive For Quality

  • Industry Standards

  • Work Smart

  • Always an Honest Answer

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