What is the Recycled Polyester Chip(RPET)?
It is the abbreviation of recycled polyethylene terephthalate and is made from post-consumer bottles. Recycled polyester chip can make into yarn, which can be finally used for weaving, tricot, and knitting, etc.
What is Production Process?
There are two main ways to produce the recycled polyester chips.
One is Mechanical recycling from used bottles.
The progress includes: used bottles – sorting – washing – grinding – drying – flaking off – melting and extruding – pelleting – RPET
Another is Chemical recycling:
The progress includes: used bottles – sorting – washing – flaking – drying- repolymerization process – pelleting – RPET
What is the Advantage of RPET?
Eco-friendly & Energy-saving & Cost-effective
Nowadays the demand for PET bottles is very high around the world. The reuse of the waste PET bottles can not only reduce environmental pollution but also turn waste into wealth. According to some statistical data, about 67000 water bottles can turn into one ton of PET yarn. More waste bottles are reused, more yarn and less pollution are made.
Decon has successfully developed one type of water-soluble polyester resin made from wastewater bottles. It is used as a sizing agent for warp yarn. Compared with the one from PTA and MEG, its strength lies in the lower cost. It can meet customers’ requirements and bring them more profit.
What is the Development of RPET?
In recent years, many large companies and research institutions in the world have invested huge manpower and resources in RPET research. Some processes have been commercialized. For example, Eastman Company successfully developed the process of methanol depolymerization to recover polyester in 1980 and then established an industrialized device in 1987. United States DuPont company, German Hoechst company, Japanese Teijin company, etc. have also developed a new process of PET polyester depolymerization.
What is the Future of RPET?
Most PET products are disposable consumer goods. And waste PET material is chemically inert and can not be easily degraded by air or microorganisms in a short time, which causes huge occupation of space and “white pollution”. It is very urgent to protect the ecological environment. So the research and development of RPET will play a more and more important role in the coming future.Recycled Polyester Chip Circle