What is the textile warp sizing agent for weaving preparation? In this article, you will find the answer.
What is Weaving Preparation or Yarn Preparation for weaving?
Warp is the longitudinal yarn in the fabric. While weft is the Lateral/crosswise yarn in the fabric. Weaving is the process of interlacement of warp with weft.
So weaving preparation includes warp and weft preparation.
For warp preparation, there are winding, warping, sizing or slashing, and drawing-in or tying-in. Weft preparation only includes winding.

What is Warp Sizing Agent?
The sizing means coating the yarn surface and penetrating the corn of the yarn with an adhesive or binding agent. The adhesive or bonding material is called a warp yarn sizing agent. With the help of the size paste, the weavability of warp yarn is greatly improved. The improvement lies in increased strength, reduced hairiness, modified abrasion resistance, and better elasticity, extensibility, and flexing behavior.
Size materials include essential ingredients and desirable ingredients (depending upon the actual requirement). For essential one, there are adhesive or binder agents, softener, and wetting agents. There are oxidizing/reducing agents, weighting agents, brightening agents, antifoaming agents, delustering agents, antistatic agents for desirable ones.
From the blow flow chart, you can have a clear understanding of the size paste.

Textile Size Material

The adhesive agent can be divided into two types, a natural one and a synthetic one. The former includes starch from maize, rice, wheat, potato, and gums from plants. The latter includes Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), acrylic binders, and so on.
Our Sulphonated Polyester Resin belongs to the synthetic sizing polymer. It is one modified product based on these traditional sizing agents. The pros are that resin has better performance at a lower cost. And the cons are that it has relatively narrow application due to narrow viscosity. Sulphonated resin can only be used for polyester yarn. For further information, please click the link https://www.polyestermfg.com/portfolio-items/water-soluble-polyester-resin/.

Last but not least, What is the textile warp sizing agent for weaving preparation? We think it is the most suitable one. And we help the end-users modify the recipe and find out the best one.