Uneven sizing is just one common quality issue during the sizing process. We can not say there is not any quality problem if you use our polyester resin. The sizing process is completed and related to the equipment, weather, and methods the workers use. We think the most terrible thing is not the quality issues but the ignorance of them. As a professional vendor, we need to help the clients to find out the reasons, even though it is not directly caused by our products.

Quality Issue: Uneven Sizing
1. Incorrect Solution Percentage
1.1 The metering of solution mixing and feeding is not accurate, and the volume of solution does not meet the standard.
1.2 Too much steam condensed water, resulting in large changes in the concentration of the solution in the slurry tank.
1.3 It is mixed with other chemicals or water during slurry transfer.

2. Incorrect Solution Viscosity
2.1 The thermal stability of the viscosity is too poor, especially the starch should be fresh and not deteriorated. The thermal stability of modified starch is required to be above 85%.
2.2 Insufficient cooking during mixing and viscosity not reaching the stable stage.
2.3 The pH of the solution is incorrect.
2.4 The temperature of the slurry tank is unstable.
2.5 The duration of solution usage is too long.

3. Unstable Solution Temperature
3.1 Steam pressure fluctuates up and down.
3.2 Boiling steam pipe is blocked.
3.3 Poor temperature control.

4. Unstable Solution Surface
4.1 The slurry solenoid valve is out of order.
4.2 The slurry pump works badly.
4.3 The floating ball fails or the liquid level detector does not work well.
4.4 The connecting rubber plate of the overflow plate is damaged.
4.5 The slurry foams.

5. Improper Squeezing Force
5.1 The squeezing force is set improperly or the squeezing force is changed arbitrarily.
5.2 The grouting force changes improperly with the vehicle speed.
5.3 The surface of the squeezing roller and sizing roller is damaged or not completed.
5.4 The rubber of the squeezing roller is aging or the hardness of the squeezing roller of the double slurry tank is not consistent.
5.5 The pressure at both ends of the squeezing roller is not consistent.